Barefoot in the Forest of You is a guide to reclaiming your authentic sense of self. It is rooted in time-honored methods of self-inquiry, mindfulness, and self-mastery, presented in an unexpected form. This book is unique because it harnesses the power of imagination to energize your personal transformation.

Through 24 innovative techniques and insights, you will be inspired to master your self-speak, revolutionize your inner world, and reframe how you engage with life. Instead of presenting an elusive end goal to achieve, this book is designed to unlock the dynamic wisdom and energy that is already present within you.




Nic Obi doesn't believe in formulaic rules for biographies. He prefers spontaneity. Custom dictates that an author's bio should look and sound a certain way, but if it was up to him, there would only be one line: "Growing up barefoot in the forest made my imagination come alive."

Obi grew up in nature. Immersed in the waters of the Indian Ocean, he loves nothing more than the flow of nature's rhythm. These days he is an award-winning Creative Director living in Abu Dhabi. It's a long way and many years from that natural home, but these influences have helped unlock his dynamic wisdom and energy. An intrepid searcher, he uses travel, research, mindful living, and his own flavor of meditation to motivate his mind. He wants to see things differently from the herd and chase the light within.



Instead of holding up some imaginary ideal and manipulating your feelings into wanting to achieve that goal, the message here is more honest. This is only a mirror in which you can get a glimpse of something you already know but may have forgotten—the essence of who you truly are.

At the core of every being is a powerhouse of potential energy. At the root of every conscious being is an intuitive knowledge of the way. By using practical methods, we can all find our way back to our center, back to our original selves. It's a shift of perspective that has real practical value in our lives. It's not theory.

We tend to worry and overthink. We tend to dream, then fail to act. We want the best but settle for the mediocre or the worst. Somehow, we believe we're not worthy. Guilt, regret, fear, and self-speak keep us trapped. My goal is to help you switch that around.

Imagination is the key to transformation. We seldom use it, or we apply it in the wrong ways. You are ingenious. Learn to use your power with awareness and become free from self-division.

When we switch from automatic, uncontrolled thinking to deliberate awareness of our mind-body, something amazing happens. We unlock the natural love, respect, truth, and vitality which has been locked up inside us for so long. We feel authentic again.

You are not a victim of circumstances. See this truth: Your thoughts and feelings create your reality. Your state of mind and your beliefs color every experience, every moment of every day.

A change of attitude is not something we can simply and quickly overlay on top of our lives. It comes from a deep, authentic place. The moment we change our default mode of perception, we start to rewrite our body chemistry too.

On some level, you already know all of this. Step out of your pain cloud and utilize positive imagination instead of auto-negativity to activate your higher self. Something deep inside is urging you to rise and become aware of a subtle truth—you are eternal, and you are already happy.

Direct and control your inborn energies to align harmoniously with nature, Great Nature, and your own true nature. Peel away everything that you are not. Come home to what you really are.

Bare theory is raw, natural intelligence. It belongs to you. It knows the core truth and continues to explore anyway. It is universal and, paradoxically, deeply personal. Unleash your inborn human potential to free your truth.

Bare theory is here to inspire change, to inspire you to move, to think, to hope, to remember, and to act now in search of that magic that you know is deep inside.



I loved this book so much and I enjoyed every single page of it. It’s a complete masterpiece that helped me to discover my inner truth, something that is often not so easy. The techniques included by this experienced author are pretty easy to follow and absolutely innovative. Each paragraph is filled with beautiful wisdom to contemplate on and apply to any life challenge whether big or small. I think that any reader will appreciate the actual practices that Nic Obi teaches which I can take and use on a daily basis! I have incorporated so many things from his amazing title and observed significant shifts; I can’t recommend this book highly enough. “Barefoot in the Forest of you” is a deep and excellent resource to dive into; it was a real guide in my life.

Amanda Bredenkamp

This is such a great book for anyone who wants to break free from the shackles of other's opinions, and of pleasing others. The author shares their own experience about going back to their childhood and retracing the steps to come back to being their true authentic self before being tainted by the nasty comments and opinions of others. We all have a small child inside of us waiting to be uninhibited by toxic societal expectations, and the critique of onlookers. This child is care free. This child is our true authentic self. This book will go a long way in healing childhood trauma and helping every individual, regardless of background, to get back to their real self. It's beautiful. It's cathartic. I wish I had read it in my 20s.

Susel Dezzani

What a thought-provoking book! I liked it from the very beginning; this guide was really helpful for me. Readers will feel there's a change inside each of them after reading Barefoot in the forest. The book reads quite fast and it is light and enjoyable. The author shares all his knowledge in these pages and I really appreciate it.

Uena Mota

I loved this book, every page read was very special. This a book that everyone should read, especially those who push themselves in a society that is constantly striving for perfection. Seeking balance with your mental health is important. I highly recommend it.

Sadia Naeem

This compelling book reminds you of the pure feeling you sensed while playing freely and barefoot in the garden when you were a child and free from adult life stress and issues. You get to learn about your obliviousness to the mental-emotional barrier that blocks you from the light and makes you ignore the voice of your inner child, calling you towards inner joy, gratitude, and wonder. I found the techniques in the book to be very helpful. These techniques have helped me discover my inner joyous self. The book is easy to read and understand. I recommend this self-discovering book.

Danielle N

This novel is so raw and beautiful. Will no doubt make you see yourself and your life in a much broader perspective. My favorite part of many is, “Transcending the Barrier to Progress: There is a kind of built-in resistance to change in our mental-emotional habits.” So complex, yet simple. Most fear change, hence why we tend to stay in unhealthy situations (emotionally and physically) for much longer than bearable as it’s all we know and physically cannot envision ourselves “starting from the beginning again.” I highly recommend this masterpiece.


Barefoot in the Forest of You by Nic Obi is an incredible transformational guide set to unlock inner potential with easy to incorporate techniques. The author has presented 24 unique innovative techniques and insights that will revolutionize and reframe entire life. I loved the easy to learn techniques and author’s engaging manner of imparting advice that gives positive results. I highly recommend this encouraging read.


I found this book to be incredibly interesting since it discusses a topic we don't often read or care about. Page after page, I could find ideas, techniques and creative strategies to make a deep improvement in my life. It’s amazing how much this book opened my eyes and changed my mind.

Aubrie Walters

Equal parts intriguing and eccentric, Nic Obi imparts some thought-provoking stuff. He’s mystical and a little mysterious and a very eloquent wordsmith. I appreciated his term “numbfortable” also identified with his affinity for nature. Trees have always been my senseis! This guide for personal development is an afternoon hike through a lush, green forest, teeming with opportunity for self-reflection and fulfillment. I highly recommend it.

The Missing Spirit of Rebellion in Personal Development

It's one thing to talk about love and light, higher consciousness, and connection with all of existence. It's another thing to truly accept the world and ourselves as we are, including the good, the bad, and the ugly. Compassion, generosity, acceptance, and gratefulness are certainly noble virtues – if we can manage them. But there's more to self-mastery than putting on the white cloak of Love and Light

I would like to play devil's advocate with this post. A rebel spirit also has a place in true self-mastery—an important one.